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Abrasive Wheels Awareness

Application of Modern Electric Equipment In Facilities (for Power Engineers)

Authorised Gas Tester Focal Point

Authorized Gas Tester Assessor

Authorized Gas Tester Level 1 (OPITO)

The program of the Authorized Gas Tester Level 1 (OPITO) course is developed to equip personnel designated to perform gas tester role with the basic knowledge to conduct tests for oxygen, flammable and toxic gases in an offshore environment safely and effectively. The training puts the premium on the confided space atmosphere measurements and actions […]

Authorized Gas Tester Level 2 (OPITO)

The Authorized Gas Tester Level 2 (OPITO) training is developed for personnel assigned to perform gas tests for flammable gas in preparation for hot work. Course provides comprehensive overview of legislative, operational and safety requirements associated with gas detection for hot work together with necessary equipment and results interpretation techniques. Objective: Among the key objectives […]

Authorized Gas Tester Level 3 (OPITO)

The purpose of the Authorized Gas Tester Level 3 (OPITO) course is to prepare Gas Testers for the roles of Safety Watch in accordance with the OPITO standards. During the training candidates will obtain necessary skills such as working within the Permit system and relevant regulations as well as essential knowledge of toxic and flammable […]

Authorized Gas Tester Training Level 1, 2 & 3 (OPITO)

BFPA Hydraulic Safety, Hose and Fittings