GWO Working at Height and RescueThe GWO Working at Heights and Rescue Training is developed for the newcomers to the wind industry and provides a set of theoretical and practical knowledge required for a work on wind turbine generators (WTG).  The course is designed in compliance with Global Wind Organization and Renewables UK requirements.


Upon completion of the GWO Working at Heights and Rescue Training delegates will possess necessary understanding of risks involved in WTG works, safety equipment selection, checking and operations techniques; emergency and rescue protocols including rescuing equipment.

Course content:

• WTG specific risks and hazards;
• National and international legislation concerning working at heights;
• Personal Protective Equipment: selection, pre-use inspection, fitting, correct use and storage;
• Use of the relevant PFPE;
• Self rescue techniques;
• Suspension intolerance prevention and treatment;
• WTG emergency and rescue procedures.

Target Audience: Wind turbine personnel.

Duration: 2 days.

Validity: 2 years.

Note: the GWO Working at Heights and Rescue Training can be revalidated by attending GWO Working at Heights and Rescue Refresher Training

Important: All students are required to register as Delegate in the Global Wind Organization’s Training Database – WINDA. For more information, please refer here.

Training Centers Offering This Course

The Netherlands (3)

Schiphol Amsterdam, nl

Schiphol Amsterdam, Ijmuiden, Dordrecht, nl


UK (2)

Hull East Yorkshire, gb

Germany (1)
Denmark (1)