Wide spectrum of Offshore Training courses is available in maritime training centers worldwide. There specialists gain skills and expertise essential for the work in the Oil and Gas industry. As a rule, these courses are divided into the Initial and Refresher training blocks and allow recreating versatile scenarios of offshore working environment.

Offshore Training includes several most popular directions. Various Offshore Survival Trainings such as BOSIET or HUET are of pivotal importance for anyone craving to work in the industry. In this sector success depends on the preparedness of the personnel, so officers might be required to take up some Emergency Response Training to ensure that Management would be able to cope with any out the ordinary situation onboard or on the platform no matter were it manmade or natural disaster.

Meanwhile, maritime crews benefit from various modern ship simulators imitating day-to-day operations and emergencies of different kinds of offshore vessels. Anchor handling, Dynamic Positioning, offshore construction, subsea and a lot of other activities can be trained in the risk free environment.

A number of courses also help to develop valuable skills, such as Drilling Training, Well Control and Crane Operator Courses, etc. The majority of such training is divided into levels and students’ progress is rigorously controlled by international organizations.