Steady level of English is a crucial condition for successful work on board in nowadays multinational environment and one of the mandatory STCW requirements. Fortunately, numerous Maritime English Courses are well-tailored to satisfy specific needs of Deck and Engine crews as well as Officers and Ratings.

All Maritime English Courses share an objective of introduction of as much marine and technical vocabulary as possible. Students are also taught to use terminology related to ship parts, sea survival, fire fighting, jobs and roles and other topics important for safe life on board. In the meantime, Maritime English for Officers courses, put the premium on more sophisticated grammatical structures, as senior management personnel is expected to communicate fluently, prepare correspondence and participate in  vessel audits.

The Maritime English for Ratings Course is often more specifically targeted for Deck Ratings and Engine Ratings. The syllabus contains some basic grammar and concentrates on job-specific vocabulary and other related linguistic issues.

Similarly, Maritime English for Engineers and Maritime English for Navigators trainings focus on professional terms and technicalities; so as to enhance personnel’s communicational skills and ensure highest safety standards on board.

With regards to Maritime English, it’s impossible not to mention Marlins English Language Test which proves to be one of the most reputable assessment and training online systems in the world today. There are three kinds of Marlins Tests targeted at different industries (ISF Test for Seafarers, for Cruise Ship Staff and Offshore Workers). There is a division according to one’s rank inside test itself as well. Students have a chance to practice each question type prior to the assessment. At the end of the test certificate is printed out with the achieved result.

CES (Crew Evaluation System) Tests

ELTS – English Language Test for Seafarers

English Course for Maritime Business

The English Course for Maritime Business course is designed for the benefit of employees of shipping companies in order to familiarize them with specific vocabulary, industry guidelines and operational features of the shipping industry. Objective: Among the objectives of the English Course for Maritime Business course is introduction to the details of maritime operations; familiarization […]

ISF Marlins English Language Test

The ISF Marlins English Language Test is a most reputable and widely accepted language knowledge assessment test platform in the maritime industry. It is developed by British Marlins Corporation and is available in a variety of accredited training centers around the globe as well as online. In order to ensure absolute fairness of the assessment, […]

Maritime English Course

Shipping as a truly global industry has required a universal language of communication. Therefore, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has proclaimed Maritime English as an official language of the sea and developed Maritime English Course as a standard of learning. It includes so called SMCP (Standard Marine Communication Phrases) i.e. compilation of navigational, technical, operational, […]

Maritime English Course for Engineers

There is no unanimity today in the approach to the Maritime English Course training, so providers of marine education look for their own ways to improve situation with the level of marine personnel’s communication abilities. Dividing programs into Maritime English Course for Engineers and Maritime English Course for Navigators  has become one of such solutions. […]

Maritime English Course for Navigators

Appreciating the importance of high English language level among seafarers, many training centers started developing field specific trainings i.e. Maritime English Course for Navigators and Engineers. Such diversification allows providing more extended vocabulary focused the certain department e.g. scrutinize bridge equipment and watch keeping duties during the Maritime English for Navigators training. Objective: Upon completion […]

Maritime English Course for Officers

In 2005 IMO published the report stating that almost 40% of marine accidents that happened during that year were caused by poor language skills of crew members which led to misunderstandings and major human errors as a result. So there is no doubt about the immense importance of decent level of Maritime English Course especially for […]

Maritime English Course for Pilots

Acknowledging the special character of piloting operations, maritime training providers have developed the dedicated Maritime English Course for Pilots which covers all the aspects of pilotage from planning to the pilot – master relations and narrow channels passing. Objectives: Among the goals of the Maritime English Course for Pilots is providing special vocabulary and practical […]