The Maritime English Course for Ratings is designed in accordance with STCW and ISM code requirements to the standard level of English language knowledge onboard of sea-going vessel. The course syllabi consists of General English with complicated grammar excluded, marine terminology and Standard Marine Communication Phrases. Participants are encouraged to practice communicational skills as much as possible.


The main objectives of the Maritime English Course for Ratings are:

• Understanding of spoken English and read simple English language texts;
• Speaking clearly in generally accepted maritime English and be able to communicate with other members of the crew;
• Knowledge SMCP and required maritime terminology;
• Possessing sufficient language knowledge for adequate action in an emergency situation.

Course content:

• Nautical terminology and standard maritime phrases;
• General English used in marine communication;
• Ship layout and equipment, onboard communication vocabulary;
• Ship Safety system;
• Deck and Engine duties and responsibilities on board;
• Emergency situations and procedures.

Assessment:  In-house examinations or international assessment tests such as ISF Marlins English Language Test (online test including 85 questions adjustable for rank and department) or MarTEL (reputable European assessment program) and so on.

Target Audience: Deck and Engine Room Ratings; Support Level personnel of Cruise ships and Passenger vessels.

Pre-requisites: None.

Training Centers Offering This Course