Offshore Crane Operator Courses is an excellent choice for a Rating building a career in an offshore industry. The demand for this position is steady and salaries are pleasantly high; however, to start this up-going path certain training must be received.

The two most reputable training schemes are provided by Sparrows and EnerMech. Both have 3 Stages in their training systems and both operate several dedicated training centers scattered around the globe where students might take stage courses and assessment.

The Sparrows Stage 1 Course is designed for novices in the lifting operations. Static deck crane practice follows this training.  Stage 2 – Advanced Operators is a practical course aimed to develop ‘over the side’ lifting skills. After the training assessment takes place at the trainee’s workplace by a Sparrows representative. Sparrows Stage 3 or Re-Assessment is conducted either on-board or on simulator and confirms candidate’s competence.

EnerMech provides similar training schemes. After the introductory Stage 1, follows Stage 2 with practical tasks on offshore crane.  Afterwards there will be minimum 40 hours of supervised practice on deck crane; and if successful, re-assessment and progressing to vessel crane operations. EnerMech Stage 3 is also an assessment.  It focuses on candidate’s ability to plan and coordinate lifting operation.

Not least reputable, but less widespread is Norwegian G5 Crane Operator training and certificate. It gives participant a comprehensive knowledge of offshore and fixed hydraulic cranes and briefs about avoiding accidents during their operation. Course includes written theoretical test.

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The number of reported worksite accidents is still unacceptably high. That means that all personnel must receive sufficient professional and safety training. The Banksman course is a mixture of theoretical sessions containing bullet point of relevant industry legislation and vital safety information and necessary practical exercises. Objectives: The main goal of the Banksman course is […]

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