The modern Oil & Gas industry is unimaginable without Dynamic Positioning Systems. In 60s they actually rescued it when it’d become impossible to drill using jack up rigs anymore; and now they are installed not only on offshore vessels and mobile units, but also on research oceanographic ships, construction vessels, pipe- and cable layers, shuttle tankers, cruise ships, etc. Such versatile employment contributes to a constant demand for DP Operators, who nevertheless are required to go through a rather complicated DP training scheme prior to be admitted as fully qualified DP Operators. At present, there are two DP Operator certification schemes: supervised by the Nautical Institute (UK) and by DNV GL (Norway).

The NI DP Operator Training Scheme

  1. Dynamic Positioning Basic (Induction) Course. During this training students learn about elements of a DP system, concept of redundancy, operation of various DP computers; familiarize themselves with propulsion units, including their types and configurations; practice communication and watch handover procedures. At the end of the course there is an On-line examination.
  2. Next level comprises of minimum of 60 days DP sea time familiarization and filling up of onboard task section of the DP logbook. Naturally, vessel should be DP classified; and Company confirmation letter must be obtained for the later submission to the NI.
  3. Dynamic Positioning Advanced (Simulator) Course includes practice tasks to enable student to operate DP system safely, deal with checklists, DP watch schedule, DP hand over and DP log book requirements; recognize warnings and alarms associated with Worst Case Failure, etc.
  4. Again 60 DP sea time days onboard DP vessel. This time not only familiarization, but active watch keeping under supervision should be carried out. Company confirmation letter must be collected at the end as well. 4.1 Sea Time Reduction Course might be taken up in order to reduce sea going practice time after DP Advanced (Simulator) Course. 7 days of the training is counted as 30 days on board of DP vessel.
  5. Upon completion of the above four steps the Nautical Institute issues DP Unlimited Certificate. Alternatively, if the practice time was spent on DP1 vessel DP Limited Certificate would be issued.

The described long suffering path is surmounted by navigators. Engineers and ETOs, have their own training within NI system. DP Maintenance course describes methods of preventive and corrective maintenance of the DP systems, familiarizes with documentation and so on.  

DNV GL DPO Training Scheme

In the recent years there’s been a series of complaints regarding ineffectiveness and bureaucracy in the NI scheme, so another reputable classification society (Det Norske Veritas) came up with their own system.

  1. DPO Preparation training which resembles DP Familiarization course in the NI training scheme and gives general understanding of the Dynamic Positioning System and its integral parts. Online tests finishes the course.
  2. DPO Start. Scope of the training includes practical operation of DP system regardless of weather conditions; risk assessment and contingency planning, etc. Online test finishes the learning part.
  3. Sea time practice of 270 DP watch hours which equals 6 supervised operations. Trainees may choose between 3 alternatives. 1 Onboard practice of PSV or a Shuttle tanker. 2.2 General onboard practice of various DP vessels performing tasks specified in DNV GL Task List and IMCA Logbook. 2.3 Seatime Reduction Course as the way to reduce Sea time practice for 81 hours (3 operations).
  4. DPO Specialization. As DNV takes a view that DP Operators have to specialize on a particular DP vessel type, the last training in the scheme also has five varieties.
  5. DPO Examination and Certification. The test includes theoretical and practical parts; certificate is issued immediately upon passing. Experienced DP Operators with NI diplomas wanting to obtain DNV certificates as well may pass the test without prior training.

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