• Enhance participants knowledge of the Dynamic Positioning and DP operations;
• Upgrade practical skills of DP vessel handling by embracing best industry practices and recent technological developments;
• Familiarization with up-to-date DP guideline and standards;
• Refreshing existing skills and knowledge of DP operations, alarms, warnings and emergency status handling, DP bridge watchkeeping procedures through the series of simulator exercises.

Course Content:

• Principles of Dynamic Positioning and elements of DP system;
• DP system’s use of PRS and sensor’s inputs;
• DP guidelines and redundancy concepts;
• Operation of DP system and Operational Planning;
• Best practice watch keeping during DP operations;
• FMEA’s, proving trials & annual DP trials;
• Simulated DP Operations under various adverse weather/ sea conditions.

Assessment: There is no specific assessment procedure.

Target Audience: Holders of NI DPO certificates who have not been through Refresher training for 3 – 5 years.

Pre-requisites: Participants must be in possession of NI DPO Unlimited or Limited Certificate.

Training Centers Offering This Course

Ukraine (1)

Odessa, ua

USA (1)

Houston, TX, us

Norway (1)

Trondheim, no

Singapore (1)
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