Among the objectives of the Dynamic Positioning Advanced / Simulator course are:

• Refine skills of DP operation acquired during DP Basic Course and Sea Time practice including worksite approach, DP watch handover and log book keeping, tool box communication, risk and contingency planning.
• Enhance knowledge of DP System and its special functions e.g. Auto track, follow target, minimum power heading mode, etc.
• Recognize limitations of DP systems during operation in deep or shallow waters.
• Practice various operational scenarios for different types of offshore vessels.
• Train to notice and timely react to degradation, alarms and warnings which are associated with Worst Case Failure; be able to restore vessel position after failure.

Course Content:

• Practical operation of the DP system under normal and extreme conditions;
• DP Operations such as offshore construction, ROV, platform supply, cable laying, etc. with bridge teamwork practice and contingency planning;
• DP Alarms, warnings, printer readouts and emergency procedures.

Assessment: there is an online test upon completion of the Dynamic Positioning Advanced / Simulator course on behalf of the Nautical Institute. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass the assessment.

Target Audience: Masters, Chief Officers and Junior Officers who are willing to work onboard of DP vessels and continue their NI DPO certification scheme.

Pre-requisites: Participants must hold DP Basic / Induction course certificate and successfully complete their 60 days sea time practice (Phase B of the Nautical Institute’s DPO training scheme) which should be reflected in their DPO logbook.

Important: Dynamic Positioning Advanced (Simulator) Course constitutes Phase C of the Nautical Institute’s DPO training scheme. The next consequent step for the DPO would be either Phase D which is 60 DP sea time days on board of DP vessel or Sea Time Reduction (STR) Course plus 30 days of DP sea time practice. Company Confirmation letter must be collected at the end of the DP sea time term in both cases.

Duration: 5 days.


Training Centers Offering This Course

USA (6)

Dania Beach, Florida (just south of Fort Lauderdale), us

Fort Lauderdale, FL, us

Gray, Louisiana, us

UK (3)

Great Yarmouth, Suffolk, gb

Immingham North East Lincolnshire, gb

The Netherlands (3)

Ijmuiden Amsterdam Harlingen Sneek Leeuwarden Terschelling Delfzijl Urk, nl

Rotterdam, nl

West -Terschelling, nl

Finland (2)
Croatia (2)

Split/Sibenik, hr

Zagreb/Split/Sibenik, hr

Sweden (2)
Ukraine (2)

Odessa, ua

Malaysia (1)
Equatorial Guinea (1)
Australia (1)

Launceston Tasmania, au

Indonesia (1)
France (1)
Germany (1)

Winsen (Luhe), de

Mexico (1)

Ciudad de México, mx

Denmark (1)
Russia (1)

Saint Petersburg, ru

Egypt (1)
New Zealand (1)
Latvia (1)
South Africa (1)