CHEMCOThe Specialized Training for Chemical Tanker Operations (CHEMCO) is known worldwide as the Advanced Training for Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations. Both courses are developed to comply with the Section A-V/1of STCW 1995 Convention and consist of theoretical and practical simulator sessions.


The main goal of the Specialized Training for Chemical Tanker Operations (CHEMCO) is to provide delegates with:

• Profound understanding of the chemical tanker cargo handling operations e.g. loading and discharging, cargo compatibility and cargo care in transit;
• Comprehensive knowledge of cargo system i.e. pipeline, pumps, valves, vents and inerting, etc.;
• Practical skills of safety procedures such as gas detection and inerting, confide space entering, firefighting, good knowledge of PPE and so on;
• Sound knowledge of international and industry regulations;
• Adherence to shipboard emergency plan and efficiency during emergency response operations.

Course content:

• Revision of chemical cargoes’ types and their chemical and physical properties;
• Risks and hazards of chemical cargo transportation, risk management;
• Cargo system and operations;
• SMS, Safety procedures and fire fighting on chemical tanker;
• Emergency response, pollution prevention.

Target Audience:  Management level officers planning to work on chemical tankers.

Note: Completion of the Specialized Training for Chemical Tanker Operations (CHEMCO) course is mandatory for obtaining the level 2 Chemical Tanker Endorsement (DCE).

Pre-requisites: Valid Chemical Tanker Familiarization course certificate or Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations certificate, valid BST coursecertificate and at least 3 month sea service onboard  of Chemical tanker.

Duration: 10 days.

Training Centers Offering This Course