It is no secret that in addition to the standard list of certificates appropriate to the rank ship-owners or contractors usually come up with their own training requirements for the crew. Meanwhile, there is a constant tendency for raising competence and minimizing human factor influence. All these create a highly competitive working environment and a steady demand for training especially Navigator Courses.

This type of Marine Training is in particular need due to the rapid development of navigation and radio technologies and their introduction onboard. Onshore, they are sometimes simulated with the help of state-of-the-art full mission bridges which reconstruct atmosphere of the real vessel and allow learning to use navigation equipment and go through all possible faults and emergencies safely and consequences free. This group includes GMDSS Courses, ECDIS Course, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), Ship Handling and Maneuvering, Radar Simulator and Plotting, ARPA, ECDIS Type Specific Course and a lot more important trainings.

Another reason why so many deck officers turn to marine simulation centers for post-graduate education is management courses such as Bridge Team Management (BTM) and Bridge Resource Management (BRM) or Maritime Resource Management, Leadership and Managerial Skills, etc. At present the first two are included in almost all officers’ training requirements list due to fact that efficient bridge teamwork with enhanced ship handling provided by these courses might prevent serious manmade incidents onboard and help to maintain good working relations in the small isolated community of a vessel crew. Next step is MRM which was launched on the base of BRM by the Swedish Club. It focuses on the cultural awareness, communication and decision making, crisis management, etc.; thus, the goal is to teach the trainees how to bring up a common working culture onboard which would assist a safe and efficient operation of the vessel.

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Advanced Navigation

Advanced Ship Handling

The Advanced Ship Handling course is built on the base of the initial Ship Handling and Maneuvering training and is mainly targeted at 2nd and 3rd Mates upgrading their qualification to the level of the Chief Mate and Master. The course program complies with the requirements of STCW 2010 and 46 CFR requirements. Objective: The […]

Advanced Watchkeeping

AppMate MTC605

ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids)

The ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) is a mandatory course for deck officers of all ranks serving on vessels equipped with ARPA system. The course is STCW A-II/2 and A-II/1 compliant and provides the all-round understanding of system’s operational principles and navigational techniques. Objective: In the course of the ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) training […]

ARPA (Refresher Course)


ASD Tug Handling Familiarization

ASD Tug Handling Intermediate