An important course in the navigational officer’s training scheme targeted mainly at bridge procedures and passage planning. The Bridge Team Management (BTM) complies with STCW A-II/1, A-II/2, A-VIII/2, B-I/12, B-VIII/2 guidelines and helps optimize bridge operations and minimize human error factor.


• Bridge Team Management (BTM) course enhances trainees’ skills in voyage planning and continual position monitoring to avoid navigational mistakes;
• BTM also puts the premium on strict compliance with bridge procedures;
• Students refresh their knowledge in operation of ECDIS, Radar/ARPA and other navigational equipment;
• Receive comprehensive practice in management of bridge human resources.

Course Content:

• Overview of ship bridge layout and simulator exercises;
• Review and practice of standard maneuvers;
• Voyage planning, position fixes, lookouts;
• Normal and emergency bridge watchkeeping; effects of wind, current, shallow waters and narrow channels on navigational capabilities of the vessels;
• Leadership and communication techniques.

Assessment: There is a continual assessment during the course.

Target Audience:  Masters and nautical officers.

Pre-requisites: OOW Certificate of Competency and some nautical experience.

Duration: 3 – 4 days.

Training Centers Offering This Course

UK (5)

Fareham, Hampshire, gb

Great Yarmouth, Suffolk, gb

Southampton, gb

Denmark (3)

Hvidovre (Copenhagen), dk

Skagen, dk

Finland (1)
Malaysia (1)
Sweden (1)
The Netherlands (1)

Rotterdam, nl

Latvia (1)