The Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting & Use of ARPA course is a useful compilation of Radar Observer Course (ROC) and ARPA trainings and provides in-depth knowledge of Radar system operation. It is STCW 2010 compliant (Table A-II/1 and in Section B-I/12).


• Navigational officers and ratings that have successfully completed the course would be able to describe the operational principles of radar system and the mechanism of data receipt and displaying.
• They would also be able to set up and use radar equipment safely and competently avoiding collisions and near misses at sea;
• Maneuver vessel operating radar system and perform plotting;
• Understand the principles of ARPA operation and have sufficient skills to use it as a useful navigational tool.

Course content:

• General radar theory;
• Setting up the radar display and choosing an appropriate working mode for the particular navigational situation;
• Occurrence and techniques of false signals recognition;
• Critical targets, position fix and collision avoidance with the help of radar system;
• ARPA capabilities and limitations;
• ARPA operation simulator exercises.

Assessment: Continual assessment during the Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting & Use of ARPA course and completion of simulator exercises are required to obtain the certificate.

Target Audience:  Masters and navigational officers of all ranks, ratings forming a part of navigational watch, cadets, pilots.

Pre-requisites: None.

Duration: 10 days.

Training Centers Offering This Course

UK (3)

Fareham, Hampshire, gb

Various, gb

Ukraine (2)

Kherson, ua

Odessa, ua

UAE (1)

Abu Dhabi, ae

Malaysia (1)
Belgium (1)
Bulgaria (1)
France (1)

Paris, close to Charles de Gaulle Airport, fr

Romania (1)
Estonia (1)
Mexico (1)

Ciudad de México, mx

India (1)
Sultanate of Oman (1)
Lithuania (1)
Poland (1)
USA (1)

Fort Lauderdale, FL, us

China (1)