The Bridge Resource Management and Bridge Team Management training unites syllabuses of BRM and BTM courses and provides comprehensive understanding of bridge operations both on navigational (passage planning, use of bridge equipment) and management levels. Course is designed in accordance with STCW 2010 Section A II/1, AII/2, AII/3 and Section B as well as IMO Model Course 1.22.


The goal of the course is to raise working culture onboard by changing personnel’s attitude to safety and introduction of effective management patterns.

• Therefore, the first objective of Bridge Resource Management and Bridge Team Management course is continual situational awareness of bridge personnel and their ability to respond to changing navigational conditions timely and efficiently.
• Ensure sticking to bridge procedures and using best ship handling practices under normal and emergency conditions.
• Learn to deal with the way wind, currents, shallows, narrow banks and cargo affect maneuverability of the vessel.
• Receive better awareness and experience of interpersonal and intercultural communication in order to create more dedicated bridge team on board.
• Look into the problem of task distribution, stress and fatigue avoidance in the team as an important aspect of human mistake factor elimination.

Course content:

• Review of basic points: good teamwork, attitude, etc.
• Situational awareness;
• Bridge watch-keeping and procedures under normal conditions and in emergencies;
• Planning a voyage and carrying it out;
• Factors that affect ship handling operations and methods of coping incl. use of engines;
• Cultural awareness and communicational strategies;
• Management and leadership on the bridge;
• Decision making;
• Workload and stress module;
• Human error factor and ways to eliminate it;
• Emergency situations case studies.

Assessment: There is a continual assessment during the course.

Target Audience:  All navigational officers.

Pre-requisites: OOW Certificate of Competency and some nautical experience.

Duration: 5 days.

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