In times when offshore operations go farther into the sea it has become almost impossible to conduct personnel transfer without helicopters. This has entailed the need of developing the particular course category Helicopter Training which would ensure safety and order in the proceedings. Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (OPITO) has an inclusive program to cater for the demands of the industry.

This program starts from the Helideck Assistant, HDA (Helicopter Deck Assistant) Initial Training and Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) trainings. They include familiarization with Helideck Regulations and Guidelines, landing zones, Helideck hazards, cargo and passenger handling.

Next step is HDA Helideck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM) Training. It consists of classroom and practical parts during which students learn about emergency pre-planning, safety equipment of helicopter and Helideck and practice to deal with fire- and non fire-related emergencies. Some helicopter involved accidents might be disastrous in their consequences, so dealing with them requires profound training.  After HDA HERTM many companies ask for further training on the same level (Further HDA HERTM); and only then can officer proceed to the next level.

The HLO Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader (HERTL) Training gives the highest qualification in this category. The course aims to give trainees knowledge to lead their Helideck Emergency Response Teams during various Helideck related emergencies, understand their types and be able to manage them efficiently; recognize human factor role and cope with it. This training also comes with further version (HLO HERTL).

Another important Helicopter training in this group is Helicopter Refueling course. The course program includes actual fuel sampling, quality control, helicopter refueling, dealing with contamination, etc.

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Combined Course HLO / Search and Rescue / Small FRC – Refresher

Combined Course Search and Rescue Team/HLO Refresher

Combined Course Search and Rescue Team/HLO/MOB Boat Refresher

Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS)

This training was developed by OPITO specialists in order to ensure that offshore personnel that have to travel by helicopter on the regular basis are familiar with the principles of usage and possible hazards of the Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS). Objectives: In order to successfully complete the training and be granted a certificate […]

Damage Control Team with Helicopter Familiarization

Dangerous Goods by Air

Escape Chute Training (ECT)

In an offshore industry escape chutes are used as an emergency exits from the mobile installation and vessels. So, OPITO has developed an addition Escape Chute Training (ECT) which contains detailed information about escape chute systems and instructions of their operation. Objectives: The aim of the training is to provide students with an understanding of […]

Further Offshore Helideck/Emergency Response Team Member (COERTM R)

HDA and HERTM Further Training