Tanker Familiarization CourseAccording to industry regulations from 1st August 2015 the Tanker Familiarization training is officially replaced by the Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations course; however, many training providers still keep the customary name for this basic tankerman program. It is fully compliant with the STCW requirements (Section A-V/1, paragraphs 2 to 7) and provides an overall understanding of cargo handing operations as well as tanker layout and systems.


The key objective of the Tanker Familiarization course is to provide basic training in cargo handling and tanker safety procedures to officers and ratings designates to board oil and chemical tankers. In addition, the syllabus puts the premium on the risk and hazards of the tanker cargo and risk mitigation measures that must be implied during their transportation.

Course content:

• Tanker layout and systems;
• Introduction to oil and chemical cargos – types and characteristics;
• Volatility and flammability – dangers and hazards;
• Toxicity and possible sources of ignition;
• Compatibility and reactivity;
• Cargo operations familiarization;
• Confined space entry, gas atmosphere control;
• Fire and pollution prevention.

Assessment: There is a written assessment at the end of the course at some training centers.

Target Audience: Deck and Engine Room officers, ratings, cadets and trainees planning an employment onboard of tanker vessels.

Pre-requisites: Valid Basic Safety Training (BST) certificate.

Duration: 3 – 8 days.


Training Centers Offering This Course

Philippines (3)

Barangay Alas-Asin, ph

Croatia (2)

Split/Sibenik, hr

Nigeria (2)

Lagos, Port Harcourt, ng

Malaysia (1)
Belgium (1)
Romania (1)
Mexico (1)

Tampico, Tuxpan, Poza Rica, Varacruz - Azteca, Paraiso, CD Del Carmen, Progreso, Cozumel, mx