The course was developed in compliance with Sections A-III/1 and A-III/2 STCW 2010 with the view of reducing the negative influence of human error factor and improving performance of shipboard personnel in general by raising motivation and introduction of new and progressive management paradigm.


• On completion of the course trainees will contribute ships’ operations considerably as they will bring in knowledge of shipboard personnel management including human error theory and methods of coping, leadership and teamwork techniques, cultural awareness importance and communicational practices;
• Another course objective is to develop situational awareness and skill to recognize and break an error-sequence chain should it occur.
• Students also learn about tasks distribution process, stress, fatigue and importance of rest for the safe and productive operation.
• Decision making process is a vital part of ERRM as well.
• Trainees should be able to perform risk assessment and understand crisis management principles.

Course content:

• International conventions, guidelines and relevant regulations;
• Human factor theory and methods of human errors prevention;
• Situational awareness management;
• Resource management and decision making;
• Leadership and teamwork;
• Cross-cultural awareness and effective communication onboard;
• Workload, stress and rest management;
• Risk assessment and emergency preparedness;
• Identification and effective breaking of error-chains;
• Contingency planning.

Assessment: No specific assessment.

Target Audience:  Marine Engine Officers.

Pre-requisites: Marine Engine Officer’s Certificate of Competency is required to enter the course.

Duration: 3 days.

Note: As the focus of the course is on the human resource management and not on the technical operations, ERRM is often united with Bridge Resource Management (BRM). Combination training is called Bridge/Engine Room Resource Management and provides comprehensive picture of resource management for the whole vessel.

Training Centers Offering This Course

USA (8)

Castine, Maine, us

Dania Beach, Florida (just south of Fort Lauderdale), us

Fort Lauderdale, FL, us

Jacksonville, Fl, us

Norfolk, W Virginia, us

Thomaston, Montville, Maine, us

Norway (3)

Haugesund, no

Tromsø, no

The Netherlands (3)

Groningen, nl

Rotterdam, nl

India (2)
Malaysia (1)
Nigeria (1)

Lagos, Port Harcourt, ng

Portugal (1)
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Ciudad de México, mx

Singapore (1)

Singapore, sg

Denmark (1)
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Panama (1)
Romania (1)
South Africa (1)
UK (1)

Southampton, gb