Nowadays nautical engineers enjoy a pleasing diversity of professional training. Marine Engineer Courses provide an opportunity not only to upgrade one’s qualification but also to broaden profile with some additional profession.

According to the statistics one of the most popular trainings at present proves to be Engine Room Resource Management (ERRM) and Engine Room Simulator combined with ERRM. The course is now provided for in STCW convention; and it tends to appear in many company’s training matrixes.  ERRM focuses on effective teamwork of engine department, human behavior and factors, leadership and delegating tasks, HSE issues and so on. At the same time, Engine Room Simulator/ERRM training immerses trainees into the atmosphere of the real engine room where they learn to operate modern equipment, troubleshoot its faults and cope with intricate emergencies situations which instructors put in front of them. Resource Management training is meanwhile woven into the program.

Another direction which marine engineers often choose in their training path presupposes taking up some skill development course in order to get a side profession. Most popular choices are High Voltage Electrical Equipment course, which is in demand both in offshore and merchant shipping industries, as well as Energy Conservation Training, various Electro Technology courses, specific engine trainings and 'FRAMO' Hydraulic Cargo Pumping System Course.

The FRAMO system is increasingly more often found on the oil and chemical tankers; therefore the demand for the trained personnel has become imperative. In the course of the training students are taught the basics of hydraulics and the structure of the FRAMO system itself; learn to operate it safely and perform minor troubleshooting if the need occurs.

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‘AUTOCHIEF’ Main-Engine Maneuvering & Control Course (AC4)

‘NABCO’ Main-Engine Maneuvering & Control course (NABC)

A Guide to Good Housekeeping – Part 2 Engine Room

Able Seafarer – Engine

Advance Marine Electro Technology

Advanced Training for Engineers on Steam Power Plants (Management Level)

Advanced Training for Engineers on Steam Power Plants (Operational Level)

Alpha Lubricator Operation and Maintenance

Applied Electronics (AELC)