COWThe COW system is nowadays fitted on all new oil tankers of 20 000 DWT and above. Therefore, the Crude Oil Washing course is designed in compliance with IMO Model 1.02.; and provides comprehensive overview of COW system design, operation principles and safety aspects.


• Familiarize seafarers with cargo tanks cleansing system using crude oil;
• Describe design features of the COW system and provide basic maintenance tips;
• Educate personnel directly involved in COW system handling about the necessary operational and safety procedures.

Course Content:

• Introduction to the COW system;
• Design of COW system;
• COW piping;
• Tank washing machines;
• Pumps;
• Stripping systems;
• Crude oil washing system operation;
• Environmental Pollution and Control.

Target Audience: All seafarers working on oil tankers of /above 20000 DWT.

Pre-requisites: Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations certificate.

Note: Also check Inert Gas Systems training.

Training Centers Offering This Course