IGS systemThe Inert Gas Systems course program is developed in accordance with Section A-V/1 paragraph 10 and 12 of STCW 1995/2010 and paragraph 10.4 of the IMO publication Guidelines for inert gas systems.


The objective of the Inert Gas Systems training  is to provide personnel of tankers equipped with inert gas units with basic skills and knowledge of safe and efficient operation including construction description, routine maintenance, faults findings, alarms and troubleshooting.

Course Content:

• Introduction to the inert gas systems;
• Scrubber;
• Inert gas blowers;
• Inert gas pressure-regulating valve;
• Non-return devices;
• Inert gas distribution and venting;
• Gas-analyzing, recording and indicating equipment;
• Inert gas operations;
• Meters, indicators and alarms;
• Emergency procedures incl. shutdown;
• Maintenance and testing.

Target Audience: All tanker personnel, especially whose involved in Crude Oil Washing procedure.

Pre-requisites: None.

Training Centers Offering This Course