Following the issuance of new maritime regulations and ratifications of international conventions, training centers offer miscellaneous HSE Trainings promoting safe working conditions and general welfare of personnel employed for maritime and offshore industries.

HSE Training (Health, Safety and Environment) proves to be a truly wide category; as centers tend to include individual set of courses there from Leadership and Teamwork to Offshore Safety Representatives and First Aid courses.

Among most popular choice is International Safety Management (ISM) Code Familiarization Course which might be delivered separately for officers and ratings. It has an advantage of not only focusing on emergency preparedness, but giving a clear structure of safety responsibilities’ distribution. It describes duties and authorities of the Master, Company, and DPA, documentation, audits, etc. Training also covers role of the Safety Management System (SMS) in the accident-free operation of a vessel or an offshore unit.

Other courses often found in the HSE category are Confined Space Awareness/Entry/Rescue trainings which don’t exactly belong there, but, nevertheless, firmly stand guard over human lives providing skills and knowledge for personnel working in an environment with poor ventilation. Training includes practice classes with breathing apparatus (BA) and first aid module as well.

Numerous environmental trainings are also in the market. Energy Efficiency & Environmental Awareness, Marine Environmental Awareness, Air Pollution Prevention and Emissions Control from Ships, Oil Spill Response Management Course. Companies and individual students may choose the most suitable for the particular operational conditions.

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Advanced Offshore Safety Training

Advanced Safety Training – Update for Deck Officers incl. Medical Care

Advanced Safety Training (Refresher course) incl. Medical Care

Air Pollution Prevention and Emissions Control From Ships

Asbestos Recognition

Authorized Gas Tester Level 1 (OPITO)

The program of the Authorized Gas Tester Level 1 (OPITO) course is developed to equip personnel designated to perform gas tester role with the basic knowledge to conduct tests for oxygen, flammable and toxic gases in an offshore environment safely and effectively. The training puts the premium on the confided space atmosphere measurements and actions […]

Authorized Gas Tester Level 3 (OPITO)

The purpose of the Authorized Gas Tester Level 3 (OPITO) course is to prepare Gas Testers for the roles of Safety Watch in accordance with the OPITO standards. During the training candidates will obtain necessary skills such as working within the Permit system and relevant regulations as well as essential knowledge of toxic and flammable […]

Authorized Gas Tester Training Level 1, 2 & 3 (OPITO)

Automated External Defibrillator