The course is one of the four modules which form obligatory Basic Safety Training (BST). It is designed in accordance with table A-VI/1-1 of STCW 2010 convention and aimed at providing marine personnel with skills and knowledge essential to survive and help others in case of maritime emergency.


• In course of the training trainees acquire theoretical knowledge of the right actions during emergency at sea.
• Train to use emergency equipment as well as polish necessary survival skills under supervision and in safe environment.

Course content:

• Theory part:
– Introduction to maritime emergencies;
– Classification of emergency equipment;
– Survival craft and equipment onboard;
– Location of personal survival equipment;
– Main rules of survival during maritime emergencies.

• Practice part:
– Putting on a life jacket;
– Jumping from height into the water;
– Swimming in life jacket practice;
– Turning the inverted life raft whilst swimming in life jacket;
– Boarding the survival craft and sequence of actions after boarding;
– Operation and navigation of survival craft exercises.

Assessment: There are both written and practical assessments at the end of the course.

Target Audience: All seagoing personnel.

Pre-requisites: Medical Fitness certificate, age more than 16 years (18 in some countries).

Duration: 1 day.

Note: Training is developed to be suitable for non-swimmers.

Validity: 5 years. There is a mandatory Personal Survival Techniques (Refresher Course) for mariners whose original certificate is about to expire.

Training Centers Offering This Course

India (49)

Belapur, Panvel (Navi Mumbai), in

Bharatpur, in

Chinchoti, in

Mumbai, Pune, in

Mumbai, Udvada, in

UK (35)

Aberdeen, Grimsby, Newcastle, On-Site, gb

Billingham Cleveland, gb

Bristol, gb

Bromborough, near Liverpool, gb

Cowes, IOW, gb

Dover Kent, gb

Edinburgh, gb

Falmouth Cornwall, gb

Falmouth, Cornwall, gb

Fleetwood, Lancashire, gb

Hull, North Yorkshire, gb

Langbank, Renfrewshire, gb

London, gb

Newhaven, East Sussex, gb

Norfolk, gb

Orkney, gb

Paignton, Devon, gb

Peterhead Aberdeenshire, gb

Plymouth Devon, gb

Plymouth, Devon, gb

Scalloway, Shetland, gb

South Brent, Devon, gb

Southampton, gb

Stronoway, Scottish Islands, gb

Wirral Merseyside, gb

USA (11)

Edmonds, Washington, us

Fairhaven, Massachusetts, us

Hayes, W Virginia, us

Jacksonville, Fl, us

Lafayette, Louisiana, us

Lafayette, Louisiana, us

Norfolk, W Virginia, us

St. Petersburg, FL, Panama City, FL, Ft Lauderdale, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Freeport, NY, Bayou La Batre, AL, Toledo, OH, us

Malaysia (4)

Johor, Pengerang, Miri, my

New Zealand (4)

Nelson, Blenheim and Auckland, nz

New Plymouth, nz

Ireland (3)

Cork, Dublin, ie

Donegal, ie

Belgium (2)
Greece (2)

Lavrio, gr

Romania (2)
Denmark (2)
Australia (1)

Launceston Tasmania, au

Congo (1)
Mexico (1)

Ciudad de México, mx

Tunisia (1)
China (1)
Singapore (1)
Sweden (1)

Gothenburg, se