The aim of the Large Vessel Ship Handling course is to provide senior Deck officers and pilots with necessary capabilities to control variety of large vessels under the number of navigational conditions including obscured visibility, various types of ship motions and narrow channels.


The key goal of the Large Vessel Ship Handling training is to equip main navigating officers with essential knowledge about navigational behavior of ships greater than 100 000 DWT. The course is built around practical exercises so as to enable delegates to train in a safe simulated environment these large vessels’ maneuvering, berthing, anchoring and piloting techniques.

Course content:

• Standard maneuvers of large vessels;
• Effect of wind, currents, tide, etc. on big ships;
• Danger of shallows especially when approaching ports and in channels;
• Anchoring techniques for large vessels;
• Large ship behavior in heavy weather, ship motions effects;
• Berthing for large vessels, use of tugs; mooring procedures.

Target Audience: Masters, Chief Officers, pilots.

Pre-requisites: Bridge Team Management (BTM) course certificate, OOW CoC.

Duration: 1 – 2 days.

Training Centers Offering This Course