Success of the marine voyage obviously depends on the competence of the crew on board; but preparations to the job ahead also have much weight. Thus, efficient Port Operations are crucial for the normal functioning of the shipping industry.

Fortunately, there are a lot of courses developed to ensure effective and safe operation of the port. Those who deal with cargo, may take up Container Inspection Training. It describes ISO container requirements, damage wear and non-confirming repairs, role of inspector and IICL5 inspection criteria. There is even a practical part with inspection demonstration, defects identification, corrosion and delimitation testing, etc.

The Liquid Bulk Cargo Surveyor training starts from work environment familiarization. Students study special features of oil terminals, sea-going and inland-waterways tankers. Also they learn to calculate and define quantity and quality of liquid cargo, inspect means of transport, perform gas measurements. They determine role of the Surveyor, overview relevant documentation and reporting system.

The list of Port Operations courses is quite long. There are Crane Operator Courses, Tug Master Driver, General and Containerized Cargo Surveyor, Securing and Stowing Cargo and a lot more useful trainings called to raise expertise of port personnel and make shipping industry more efficient.

Azimuthal Tugboats

Bulk Rolling Stock

Container Inspection

Crane Operator

Crane Operator (Refresher Course)

General and Containerized Cargo Surveyor

General Dispatch Worker

Implementation of International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code in Port Area

Inland Waterway Draught Surveyor