The ECDIS Type Specific (Tokyo Keiki) course provides nautical officers assigned to work with this system with the necessary understanding of the equipment capabilities and manual features which will make vessel navigation safer and more user-friendly. Training is also popular in online version.


Among objectives of the ECDIS Type Specific (Tokyo Keiki) course are such important aspects as main functions of the ECDIS; learning menu structure of Tokyo Keiki ECDIS system and procedure of chart display setting.  Participants are also trained to navigate vessel with the help of the particular ECDIS system and are provided with the meaning of the main alarms and some basic troubleshooting.

Course content:

• Menu structure and basic system operation;
• Functions of the Tokyo Keiki ECDIS system;
• Chart display settings;
• Route planning and route surveillance;
• ECDIS Back up arrangements;
• Chart management and license update;
• System alarms and malfunctions troubleshooting.

Target Audience: Navigational officers (management and operational levels) employed on vessels furnished with Tokyo Keiki ECDIS system.

Pre-requisites: valid ECDIS Course (Generic) certificate.

Duration: 13 days.

Training Centers Offering This Course

UK (1)

Fareham, Hampshire, gb

India (1)
Turkey (1)

Istanbul, tr