The training was created in order to help ship officers designated to provide immediate medical assistance onboard maintain the required level of competence. So, according to the section A-V1/4 (1-3) of the STCW code the Medical First Aid (Refresher Course) must be taken every 5 years.


In course of the training delegates refresh their skills of treating most cost common injures and medical conditions that are likely to occur onboard. They also obtain a chance to practice operation of shipboard medical equipment, receive pharmacology update and train vital first aid techniques.

Course content:

• Human anatomy and casualty examination;
• First aid kit;
• Toxicological damage to the health caused by Dangerous Goods onboard;
• Spinal injuries, fractures, dislocations;
• Hypothermia and heat exposure;
• Burns, scalds, muscular injures;
• Medical care of the injures or ill onboard;
• Pharmacology;
• Radio medical advice;
• Sterilization and hygiene;
• Cardiac arrest, drowning and asphyxia.

Assessment: Practical demonstration of the acquired skills and oral or written examination.

Target Audience: Crew members assigned to provide first medical aid onboard of their vessels.

Pre-requisites: the initial valid Medical First Aid (MFA) certificate.

Duration: 1 2 days.

Validity: 5 years.

Training Centers Offering This Course

Norway (4)

Bergen, Tau and Stavanger, no

Tromsø, no

Ålesund, no

South Africa (3)

Fishing Harbour Saldanha Bay Western Province, za

Indonesia (2)
Philippines (2)

Subic Bay Freeport Zone, ph

The Netherlands (2)

Groningen, nl

Rotterdam, nl

Cyprus (1)
Canada (1)

Victoria, British Columbia, ca

Romania (1)
Portugal (1)
Latvia (1)
Sweden (1)

Käringön (Göteborg), se