Marine Advanced First Aid Course

Image Credits to Alert First Aid

The Marine Advanced First Aid training is an equivalent of a STCW course. It is developed to equip participants with skills and knowledge required to extend an adequate first aid in case of an accident or illness on board.


Upon a successful completion of the Marine Advanced First Aid course participants will be able to:

• Provide competent first aid assistance in case of trauma of illness on board;
• Assess casualty and provide adequate treatment;
• Communicate effectively in case on an emergency;
• Manage transportation of a casualty.

Course content:

• The role of a Responder;
• Infection prevention and hygiene;
• Anatomy and physiology;
• Casualty assessment;
• Airway management and respiratory conditions;
• Cardiovascular emergencies;
• Musculoskeletal injuries;
• Shock;
• Injuries to a head and spine;
• Burns and eye traumas;
• Chronic and acute diseases;
• Poisoning onboard;
• Reaching a casualty, Hypothermia, Hyperthermia, effects of immersion;
• Multi-casualty incident, communication techniques;
• Transportation;
• Pharmakology.

Target Audience: Maritime officers designated to provide first medical assistance onboard of their vessels.

Pre-requisites: Check with your training provider.

Duration: 5 days.

Note: See also Medical First Aid (MFA) training.

Training Centers Offering This Course

Canada (7)

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, ca

Summerside, PE, ca

Victoria, British Columbia, ca

Malaysia (3)

Johor, Pengerang, Miri, my

Melaka, my

Miri, my

USA (2)

Edmonds, Washington, us

Norfolk, W Virginia, us

Indonesia (1)

Kota Batam, id

Brazil (1)

Macao, Rio de Janeiro, br

Mexico (1)

Ciudad del Carmen, Camp, mx

Greece (1)

Lavrio, gr

Norway (1)

Rønningen, no

Germany (1)

Enge-Sande, de

Nigeria (1)

Port Harcourt, ng

UK (1)

Aberdeen, gb

Azerbaijan (1)

Baku, az