The IMO Polar Code has become STCW mandatory on the 1st of July 2018. Consequently, at present nautical officers are obliged to take up the Ice Navigation (Basic Training) following by Ice Navigation (Advanced Training) courses in order to obtain the internationally required skills and knowledge. The courses comply with regulations listed in STCW 2010 convention Tables A-II/1, A-II/2 and A-II/3 and consist of theoretical and simulator sessions.


The main goals of the Ice Navigation (Basic Training) course are to familiarize delegates with the techniques of ship handling and maneuvering in the Arctic and Antarctic conditions, demonstrate intricate details of work with icebreaker, identify valid international regulations, etc.

Course content:

• Introduction to ice navigation;
• Regulations and valid information;
• Physical features of ice; process of formation, growth, aging and melting;
• Types of ice, effects of wind and currents on the mass of ice;
• Vessel characteristics and behavior in ice; ship strengthening requirements;
• Passage planning near ice and in waters covered with ice;
• Basic maneuvering and navigation in ice covered waters;
• Operations with icebreaker;
• Extremely low temperatures; effects on vessel and human.

Assessment: there is a written and practical simulator assessment at the end of the training.

Target Audience: Deck officers of all ranks who are likely to work in the Arctic of Antarctic waters.

Pre-requisites: None.

Duration: 3 – 5 days.

Training Centers Offering This Course

The Netherlands (3)

Groningen, nl

Ijmuiden Amsterdam Harlingen Sneek Leeuwarden Terschelling Delfzijl Urk, nl

West -Terschelling, nl

USA (2)

Castine, Maine, us

Sweden (2)

Gothenburg, se

Finland (1)
Croatia (1)

Split, hr

Ukraine (1)

Odessa, ua

Romania (1)
Turkey (1)
France (1)
Denmark (1)
Cyprus (1)
Latvia (1)