GWO Manual Handling The GWO Manual Handling course is a part of the GWO Basic Safety Training by Global Wind Organization. This module is specially developed for personnel involved in a manual labor and is devoted to promotion of safe lifting and dangerous-equipment handling behavior in order to create safer and more comfortable working environment in wind turbines.


Upon successful completion of the GWO Manual Handling training participants should demonstrate following skills and knowledge:

• Recognize the importance of adherence to safety and best practices in their work in compliance with national legislation;
• Be able to identify aspects of work which can lead to spinal or muscular injuries;
• Handle the working equipment correctly;
• Delegates should recognize symptoms of injuries and traumas related to poor Manual Handling and possess knowledge of reporting methods to prevent further health damage;
• Demonstrate the correct Manual Handling techniques.

Course content:

• Introduction to Manual Handling;
• Rules and regulations;
• Hazards of Manual Handling and most common causes of injures;
• Spinal anatomy and correct posture during manual handling;
• Personal safety;
• I.L.E. principle and other factors that might cause health damage;
• Lifting techniques and heavy work scheduling.

Target Audience: Wind turbine personnel who will be assigned to manual labor tasks.

Pre-requisites: Medical fitness certificate and WINDA ID.

Duration: ½ day.

Validity: 2 years, revalidated by the GWO Manual Handling Refresher training.

Training Centers Offering This Course

UK (10)

Fleetwood, Lancashire, gb

Hull East Yorkshire, gb

Hull, North Yorkshire, gb

Irvine, gb

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, gb

Newhaven, East Sussex, gb

Winchester Hampshire, gb

The Netherlands (5)

Rotterdam, nl

Rotterdam – Heijplaat, nl

Schiphol Amsterdam, nl

Schiphol Amsterdam, Ijmuiden, Dordrecht, nl


Germany (2)

Enge-Sande, de

Philippines (1)
Belgium (1)
Japan (1)

Ginza, Fukuoka-ken, jp