Offshore industry alike maritime is mostly multinational; and in exactly the same way it has faced the problem of diversity of training approaches of personnel from different countries. This issue is especially acute for the key management figures those knowledge distinctions might bring not only inconveniences, but be disastrous to people or environment. At present this problem has been resolved by IMO Resolution A.1079 (28) which deals with Offshore Management Training.

One of them is Stability Practical Training for Ballast Control Operator. It is the starting point in the joint IADC and Nautical Institution certification scheme which consists of 2 parts and is usually performed on the rig motion simulator. As a result of the training participant should know how to calculate and ensure safe ballasting and deballasting operations; perform day-to-day control of trim, stability and stress; react properly on emergencies including unexpected lift, blackout, collision or weather extremes.

This BCO certification scheme is also suitable for Offshore Installation Manager; who, nevertheless, are subject to their own licensing procedure.  As a rule, training centers offer two types of Offshore Installation Manager Courses. The first one is devoted to legislations, Safety Management System, construction of rigs, working at heights, employment acts, corporate manslaughter, etc.  The second type, though, is more dynamic, includes mandatory assessment part and is dedicated to evaluating emergency controlling abilities of participants.

Another course from this IMO Resolution list is Barge Supervisor. It also participates in NI – IADC Ballast Control Operator certification scheme. Moreover, course program includes some topics from BCO training. Also, students are taught legislation related to MOU operations, their construction, safety and security of offshore personnel, pollution prevention from rigs, emergency procedures and contingency planning.

The Maintenance Supervisor Course covers another important management position on MOU. The course contents general rig knowledge, thermodynamics, electro technology, applied mechanics, machinery fault detection and maintenance and a lot more.

Ballast Control Operator

Ballast Control Operator – MOU (available soon)

Ballast Control Operator/ BCO (Liberia Approved Course)

Barge Master (Barge Supervisor)

Barge Supervisor

Barge Supervisor – MOU (available soon)

Barge Supervisor / Barge Master (Liberia Approved Course)

Barge Supervisor Course

Introduction to Offshore Survey for Managers & Non-Surveyor Representatives