This navigational course is designed on the base of the IMO Model Course 1.22 and is targeted at Masters, Chief Officers as well as Operational level deck personnel. The Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork with BRM training is mainly practical and focuses on safe ship handling under various conditions and effective bridge team and resource management.


Successful delegates will gain comprehensive understanding of the functioning of modern vessels bridge; acquire skills of ship handling and maneuvering under strenuous weather and navigational conditions and obtain valuable knowledge of effective human resource management on the bridge which ensures comfortable working environment and safe navigation.

Course content:

• Briefing;
• Bridge familiarization;
• Standard maneuvering procedures;
• Ship handling under the effect of wind and current;
• Shallow waters, narrow channels;
• Voyage planning and carrying-out;
• Anchoring and single-buoy mooring;
• Workload distribution and stress coping;
• Cultural awareness on the bridge;
• Crisis Management;
• Contingency planning and emergency situation preparedness.

Target Audience:  the Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork with BRM course is recommended for Management and Operational level Deck officers.

Pre-requisites: CoC, minimum 6 month of sea-going experience.

Duration: 5 days.

Training Centers Offering This Course