GWO Basic Maintenance Training (BMT) CourseThe GWO Basic Maintenance Training (BMT) is developed to provide basic technical knowledge to personnel designated to perform some minor maintenance jobs in mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems of a Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) under a competent supervision. The course contains 3 modules and is sometimes spitted into separated trainings i.e. GWO BMT Electrical Module or GWO BMT Hydraulic Module.


Each of the 3 main sessions of the GWO Basic Maintenance Training (BMT) pursues their own targets such as:

Mechanical module:

• Introduction of delegates to the main components of the wind turbine e.g. foundation, tower, nacelle, rotor and blades, etc.
• Familiarization with mechanical systems of the wind turbine, their components and necessary lubrications;
• Providing knowledge about threads, threaded components and maintenance of bolted elements;
• Ensuring that participants will be able to make a correct selection of instruments and equipment required to carry out maintenance;
• Sharing best industry safety and PPE operation practices.

Hydraulic module:

• Providing an understanding of Pascal’s Law;
• Introduction to risks of hydraulic work on WTG;
• Demonstration of the correct use of PPE;
• Familiarization with the integral parts of the hydraulic system of a wind turbine including symbols;
• Providing detailed information about valves, sensors, pipes and hoses in the hydraulic system of a wind turbine.

Electric module:

• Familiarization with a wind turbine electrical system and symbols used in a simple electrical circuit diagram;
• Briefing delegates regarding risks and hazards associated with electrical systems of wind turbines and necessary protective equipment;
• Overview of the main components of the electrical system i.e. resistors, switches, relays, contactors, diodes, bridge rectifiers, capacitors, transformers, generators and so on and their maintenance principles;
• GWO Basic Maintenance Training (BMT) instructors will demonstrate the correct way to measure current, voltage, resistance and perform continuity test;
• Introduction to Lock out/Tag out process;
• Familiarization with sensors system of a WTG.

Course content:

• Mechanical module;
• Hydraulic module;
• Electric module.

Target Audience: Personnel of wind turbines required to perform some basic maintenance jobs under supervision of more qualified personnel.

Pre-requisites: None, but some previous technical experience would be an advantage.

Duration: 6.5 days.

Note: WINDA ID is required for the course admission.

Training Centers Offering This Course

UK (2)

Hull East Yorkshire, gb

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, gb