The training provides an opportunity to upgrade person’s marine radio qualification and extend GMDSS Sea Area from A1 (VHF waves only) to all four (A1 – A4) Sea areas. During the course students explore wider range of GMDSS equipment and practice various aspects of marine radio operations particularly concerning SOLAS code procedures that have not been included in the GMDSS Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC) Course.

Course Content:

• General international maritime radio regulations and laws;
• Familiarization with SOLAS code;
• GMDSS equipment and maintenance tips;
• Radio operations and voice exercises e.g. simulating distress signals, SAR operations, communicating best practices;
• VHF radio telephone refresher module.

Assessment: Course finishes with written test and simulator practice tasks.

Target Audience: Marine officers, offshore personnel wishing to expand their GMDSS qualification.

Pre-requisites: GMDSS Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC).

Training Centers Offering This Course