The purpose of the Basic Welding Course is an introduction of the crew responsible for minor welding jobs to the safe and efficient ways of onboard welding as well as equipment handling. The program also includes extensive practical training to develop practical skills of basic arc and electric welding, cutting and brazing.


On completion of the Basic Welding Course participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

• Understand the risks associated with hot works and take the required precautions to avoid damage to health and property;
• Recognize working principles of the different welding equipment;
• Be able to select the correct welding electrode and filler rod depending on the material to be welded;
• Possess basic skills in welding steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc.;
• Demonstrate basic cutting and brazing skills.

Course content:

• Safety procedures during marine welding;
• Familiarization with welding equipment and appliances;
• Welding onboard – process and techniques;
• Selection, handling, maintenance and storage of welding electrodes, filler rods and other equipment;
• Identification of defects in welds, remedy;
• Practical exercises in welding, cutting and brazing.

Target Audience: Ship Fitters, Marine Engineers and any crew requiring skill development training.

Pre-requisites: None.

Duration: 5 days – 2 weeks in different training centers.

Note: Also see Advanced Welding Course.

Training Centers Offering This Course