The course is designed to provide advanced fire fighting training in accordance with STCW ’95 code A-V1/3.


By completing the course participants are expected to demonstrate profound fire fighting skills and knowledge of necessary equipment as well as acquire some advanced fire preventive techniques to reduce the risk of fire accidents onboard.

Course Content

• Advanced fire fighting procedures;
• Fire precautions and hazards;
• Inspection and maintenance of emergency equipment;
• The use of water for fire fighting and its effect on ship stability;
• Communication and teamwork during fire fighting operations, crowd management;
• Control of ventilation (smoke extraction), protection of fuel and electrical systems;
• Casualties management;
• Fixed fire detection and extinguishing systems;
• Order of priorities in case of fire on board;
• Personal safety and evacuation from the smoke filled spaces;
• Search and rescue, medical first aid.
• Practical exercises.

Target Audience:  Mandatory for all ranks.

Pre-requisites: STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting certificate or Basic Fire Fighting certificate or Basic Safety Training.

Training Centers Offering This Course

Russia (35)

Korsakov, Sakhalin island, ru

Nakhodka, ru

UK (19)

Aberdeen, Grimsby, Newcastle, On-Site, gb

Billingham Cleveland, gb

Cowes, IOW, gb

Cromhall, Gloucestershire, gb

Dover Kent, gb

Edinburgh, gb

Fleetwood, Lancashire, gb

Hull, North Yorkshire, gb

Langbank, Renfrewshire, gb

Norfolk, gb

Plymouth, Devon, gb

USA (9)

Edmonds, Washington, us

Fort Lauderdale, FL, us

Hayes, W Virginia, us

Norfolk, W Virginia, us

San Diego, CA, us

Thomaston, Montville, Maine, us

The Netherlands (9)

Amsterdam, Den Oever, Maasvlakte, nl

Emmeloord, nl

Groningen, nl

Rotterdam, nl

Rotterdam – Heijplaat, nl

Schiphol Amsterdam, nl

Schiphol Amsterdam, Ijmuiden, Dordrecht, nl

Ireland (4)

Cork, Dublin, ie

Dublin, ie

France (4)

Paris, close to Charles de Gaulle Airport, fr

Australia (2)

Hamilton, Glendale, Belmont, Newcastle, au

Launceston Tasmania, au

Sweden (2)
New Zealand (2)

Nelson, Blenheim and Auckland, nz

New Plymouth, nz

Cyprus (1)
Romania (1)
Congo (1)
Denmark (1)
Mexico (1)

Ciudad de México, mx

Sultanate of Oman (1)
Azerbaijan (1)
Pakistan (1)
Estonia (1)
Tunisia (1)