Dynamic development of the offshore wind industry has brought the need of some common safety training module that will ensure that all industry workers around the globe are aware of the standard emergency and rescue procedures and can provide help efficiently both to themselves and to their co-workers.

To guarantee that training is of high quality and recognizable; and to create incident-free working environment in the industry, the Global Wind Organization (GWO) was established by the leading wind turbine owners and manufacturers in 2009. This organization has a broad network of accredited GWO training providers which supply all the relevant GWO Training Modules.

At present, GWO Basic Safety Training includes 5 courses covering such topics as Sea Survival, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Manual Handling and Working at Height. All modules are also available in refresher versions. After taking these trainings workers are deemed to be ready to deal with any kind of emergency at the worksite or during the sea transfer.

Apart from GWO, there is a variety of national offshore wind organizations such as RUK (Renewables UK) or AWEA (American Wind Energy Association). They also influence training centers in their counties, but their requirements usually correlate with Global Wind Organization’s; therefore GWO Training proves to be a comprehensive solution for the industry workers worldwide.