Maritime training centers offer an incredible variety of Technical Training from general Basic Welding and Cutting to equipment specific like for instance Siemens Technical Trainings (Level 1,2 & 3). Nevertheless, technical oriented courses prove to be useful as they develop valuable skills that might appear crucial onboard and provide additional advantages in one’s profile during employer’s screening.

The Basic Welding and Cutting, naturally, is one of the most popular and needed courses in this category. Its syllabus includes such topics like gas welding and cutting, brazing copper to steel and stainless steel to brass. Students also study oxygen-acetylene cutting, arc welding and cutting, special welding techniques for different metals, faults, remedies and safety procedures.

A lot of technical trainings are designed for the offshore industry. AC Top-Drive Mechanical Training and DC Top-Drive Mechanical Training give an advanced inside view and operational principles of the hydraulic and mechanical systems of particular rig drivers.

Another offshore related course, Subsea Cables Fault Finding and Repairs, is focused on the complicated process of repair of subsea cables. Program covers all stages from identification of the fault, their types, repair scenarios in deep and shallows waters to back deck operations and joint protection prior, in course of and after cable relocation on the seabed.

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 bizSAFE Workshop for Company CEO and Senior Management

2 Stroke Alpha Lubricator Advanced Course

4 Stroke Classic Engine type L23/30H & L28/32H

AB to Pumpman Up gradation

AC Top-Drive Mechanical Training

Acon LNG, Automation System (2 days)

Acon, Automation System (2 days)

Acon, Automation System (3 days)

Advanced Hydraulics (Videregående hydraulikk)