IADC Approved Rig Pass (Offshore)

IADC Rig Pass

MODU Stability II

MODU Stability III

Module 10: Rig Maneuvering

Module 9: Maritime Operations

MOU/MODU Stability

This is the introductory course for the offshore personnel requiring basic knowledge of offshore units’ stability calculations and ballast control operations. The typical target group for the MOU/MODU Stability training includes Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), Barge Supervisors, Ballast Control Operators, etc. Course is developed in compliance with IMO Resolution A 1079 (28). Objective: After the […]

Rig Move Training

The purpose of the Rig Move Training is to provide comprehensive analysis of the variety of operations associated with the rig move with an emphasis on planning and safety procedures as well as simulator towing/maneuvering practices. Objectives: Upon completion of the Rig Move Training delegates will be competent in the following aspects: • HSE requirements […]

Rig Operations