0.5B FOET + OLF Supplement (Universal Refresher)

NOGEPA 0.5B & C (+CA-EBS) Refresher Basic Offshore Safety

NOGEPA 0.5B Basic Offshore Safety

NOGEPA 1.1B & 2.6B Helicopter Landing Officer & Member Fire-fighting & Rescue Team Offshore

NOGEPA 1.1B Helicopter Landing Officer

NOGEPA 1.3B Helicopter Deck Assistant

NOGEPA 1.9B Banksman

NOGEPA 2.2B Offshore First Aid

The NOGEPA 2.2B Offshore First Aid is a mandatory refresher training that is taken biannually to revalidate the NOGEPA 2.2A Offshore First Aid course certificate. During 2-days training students revive and upgrade skills and knowledge obtained during the initial training including the provision of first aid to casualties suffering from injuries or acute illness on […]

NOGEPA 2.3B & 2.7B -C Coxswain Man Overboard Boat & Coxswain Conventional Lifeboat and Capsules