Offshore navigators and DP operators choose to up-grade their professional skills by attending Position Reference Courses which describe various innovative systems that determine vessel’s position. Today most ship builders give preference to the HiPAP (High Precision Acoustic Positioning) position reference system; therefore, the majority of courses are devoted to studying its hardware and software, SSBL (Super Short Base Line) and LBL (Long Base Line) positioning principles, plus runtime calibration. These are courses like HiPAP LBL Operator Course and HiPAP Operator Course. All trainings include a troubleshooting module; however, there are specialized technical courses such as HiPAP Technical Course or HIPAP Transponder Maintenance Course which initially give more attention to maintenance and calibration.

The DARPS (Differential Absolute and Relative Positioning Sensor) is another important position reference system which is DP based and specifically developed for offshore loading operations. DARPS Operator Course program is focused on in-depth characteristics of the product. It also explains GPS and GLONASS computation of relative position data and calculations to correct absolute vessel position. Practical part includes simulator exercises with DARPS and Fugro DGPS demodulator.

Artemis Operator and Maintenance Course

DP Position Reference Systems Operator

Objectives: • The aim of the course is to acquire sufficient knowledge in operation and selection of position reference systems and vessel sensors which are usually used as a part of DP system. • Practice operation of DP PRS through the series of simulator exercises and on the live equipment. Course Content: • Review of […]

DP Reference Systems Familiarization Course

HAIN Reference Operator Course

HiPAP and HAIN Customized Course

HIPAP Calibration Course

HiPAP LBL Operator Course

HiPAP Operator Course

HiPAP Technical Course