As any business sphere, the maritime industry has a number of specially developed software products that are vital for the operations, but require additional expertise from the personnel. Not surprising that many training centers are including IT Courses in their curriculum.

The most wide-spread is AMOS-Windows  training which is designed for all ship personnel involved in plan maintenance system (PMS), stock management or purchasing; in other words, in all areas of AMOS operation. This is a 2-days course; where students are demonstrated how to generate an inventory list, update stock quantities, receive delivery of stock into the AMOS, configure report and a lot more.

Another similar course is the STAR-IPS (Vessel Site User) training. This software is also dedicated to performing maintenance works on board together with stock purchasing. Upon completion students are expected to realize the software concept, use various search options and know terminology, issue stock orders and reports.

The TM Master V2 Onboard is one more powerful maintenance and stock control system. The course program teaches to works with the software interface, schedule maintenance and group them; create service reports and tasks, evaluate past reports according to set parameters and purchase spare parts when needed.

AMOS – W Maintenance and Purchase

AMOS 2 Enterprise & Management Suite

AMOS-Windows Software

Basic Computer Familiarization

Basic Computer for Seafarers (BCS)

Basic Computer Operation Course

Basic Maritime Computer

BASSnet Course (BNET)

Computer Hardware, Network Maintenance & Troubleshooting (CHNT)