The 9/11 disaster has changed transport security system forever. In maritime industry it has brought the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security) which was developed as an amendendent to the SOLAS Convention in reaction to the New York attacks. From that time on ISPS Code regulates security measures in shipping industry worldwide while ISPS Training system imposes standards which ensure protection of vessels and port facilities. There are 3 obligatory courses within this ISPS scheme.

The Ship Security Officer Training covers not only basic topics, for instance, Ship Security Plan, security drills or emergency preparedness, but also some advanced issues like weapons detections or recognizing behavioral patterns which might threaten security.

According to ISPS Code, Company Security Officer should now be present on every vessel alongside SSO to ensure that Ship Security Plan is rigorously maintained. CSO’s training includes the Code’s and other relevant legislation overview; trainees learn details of security administration, risk management; as well as how to conduct security training and use necessary protective equipment.

The Port Facility Security Officer Training’s objective is to prepare an internationally qualified PFSO able to develop an efficient Port Facility Security Plan, conduct periodic inspections, manage security equipment, ensure that port personnel is properly briefed about security and vigilant with regards to weapons and  disguised explosive devices.

Training centers also offer non-obligatory courses such as ISPS Awareness Course which is useful for anyone involved in maritime industry and describes general principles of the Code; or ISPS Internal Auditor Course. This training is designed for employees of shipping companied and senior nautical officers. The program is full of auditing techniques and verification tactics and is often combined with other audit standards such as ISM and MLC.

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Actions to be Taken to Prevent Acts of Piracy and Armed Robbery

Advanced Training for Personnel with Designated Security Duties in the Subject of Transport Infrastructure

Advanced Training for Personnel with Designated Security Duties on the Transport Infrastructure Object

Advanced Training for the Security Officers of the Subject of Transport Infrastructure with Designated Security Duties of the Object of Transport Infrastructure or Vehicle

Anti-Piracy Awareness

Anti-Piracy Awareness Seminar

Anti-Piracy Preparedness and Response

Automatic Identification System

Combined CSO / SSO