GWO Basic Maintenance Training (BMT)

The GWO Basic Maintenance Training (BMT) is developed to provide basic technical knowledge to personnel designated to perform some minor maintenance jobs in mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems of a Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) under a competent supervision. The course contains 3 modules and is sometimes spitted into separated trainings i.e. GWO BMT Electrical Module […]

GWO Basic Safety Training

The GWO Basic Safety Training was developed by the Global Wind Organization specialists with the cooperation of Wind Turbine Owners to promote safe accident free working environment on wind turbines both offshore and onshore. Objective: The purpose of the GWO Basic Safety Training week is to introduce wind industry personnel to the potential hazards of […]

GWO Fire Awareness

The GWO Fire Awareness module is a part of the mandatory GWO Basic Safety Training and is available as a separate course or within the framework of the complex training week. The course provides familiarization with possible causes of fire outbreak in WTG, its danger and methods of coping. Objective: Upon completion of the GWO […]

GWO First Aid

The GWO First Aid course is a mandatory module within the GWO Basic Safety Training. It is intended for all personnel starting to work in the wind industry. Course contains information about human anatomy, injuries one might encounter in a wind turbine and first aid which should be provided in a response to these injuries. […]

GWO Manual Handling

The GWO Manual Handling course is a part of the GWO Basic Safety Training by Global Wind Organization. This module is specially developed for personnel involved in a manual labor and is devoted to promotion of safe lifting and dangerous-equipment handling behavior in order to create safer and more comfortable working environment in wind turbines. Objective: […]

GWO Sea Survival

The GWO Sea Survival training is a part of the mandatory GWO Basic Safety Training Module devoted to the development of vital safety skills among the offshore and wind turbines’ personnel. The course consists of theoretical and practical parts and requires continual revalidation through the GWO Sea Survival Refresher training. Objective: Upon the successful completion […]

GWO Working at Heights

The GWO Working at Heights is one of the compulsory courses in the Global Wind Organization Basic Safety Training (BST) module. The training focuses on the risks and hazards attributed to the working at heights in close proximity to the Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) strictly required for the safety of […]

GWO Working at Heights and Rescue Training

The GWO Working at Heights and Rescue Training is developed for the newcomers to the wind industry and provides a set of theoretical and practical knowledge required for a work on wind turbine generators (WTG).  The course is designed in compliance with Global Wind Organization and Renewables UK requirements. Objectives: Upon completion of the GWO […]

Working at Heights

The 1-day the Working at Heights course is an intensive training program called to educate delegates about potential risks connected with operations at heights, fall protection equipment and relevant legislation. The training includes both theoretical and practical parts. Objectives: Among the aims of the Working at Heights course are: • Providing awareness of the possible […]