The NI DP Operator Training Scheme

  1. Dynamic Positioning Basic (Induction) Course. During this training students learn about elements of a DP system, concept of redundancy, operation of various DP computers; familiarize themselves with propulsion units, including their types and configurations; practice communication and watch handover procedures. At the end of the course there is an On-line examination.
  2. Next level comprises of minimum of 60 days DP sea time familiarization and filling up of onboard task section of the DP logbook. Naturally, vessel should be DP classified; and Company confirmation letter must be obtained for the later submission to the NI.
  3. Dynamic Positioning Advanced (Simulator) Course includes practice tasks to enable student to operate DP system safely, deal with checklists, DP watch schedule, DP hand over and DP log book requirements; recognize warnings and alarms associated with Worst Case Failure, etc.
  4. Again 60 DP sea time days onboard DP vessel. This time not only familiarization, but active watch keeping under supervision should be carried out. Company confirmation letter must be collected at the end as well.
    4.1 Sea Time Reduction Course might be taken up in order to reduce sea going practice time after DP Advanced (Simulator) Course. 7 days of the training is counted as 30 days on board of DP vessel.
  5. Upon completion of the above four steps the Nautical Institute issues DP Unlimited Certificate. Alternatively, if the practice time was spent on DP1 vessel DP Limited Certificate would be issued.

DP Emergency Ship Handling Course

Dynamic Positioning Advanced / Simulator 

Objectives: Among the objectives of the Dynamic Positioning Advanced / Simulator course are: • Refine skills of DP operation acquired during DP Basic Course and Sea Time practice including worksite approach, DP watch handover and log book keeping, tool box communication, risk and contingency planning. • Enhance knowledge of DP System and its special functions e.g. […]

Dynamic Positioning Basic / Induction

Objective: The purpose of the Dynamic Positioning Basic / Induction training is to familiarize delegates with the basic principles of the Dynamic Positioning; provide understanding of DP system operation in conjunction with all the related equipment i.e. position reference systems, power supply, propulsion, etc. as well as basic practical skills of DP vessel operation in […]

Shuttle Tanker Course – B