Working in the cruise lines industry has a lot of advantages. The job gives an opportunity to earn considerable money and travel at the same time; meet great many wonderful people from all over the world and gain invaluable experience. Moreover, despite being highly competitive cruise ship industry is ever expanding and always full of vacancies.

Meanwhile, as it operates under stringent rules and standards of safety, security, hygiene and sanitation it is impossible to apply for the job without the list of special Cruise Ship Courses in one’s CV. Naturally, every crew member and professional on the cruise ship has his own training requirements.

Officers and ratings are required to take up special Passenger Ship Course, Crowd and Crisis Management, etc. Galley staff usually studies a number of national cuisine courses (French, Italian, Indian), pastry & confectionery, galley culinary and stewarding and so on. As a rule, training centers provide courses for almost every type of professional one may find on board of cruise ship.

Cabin stewards learn everything about cruise line housekeeping including strict rules of US Public Health Standard along with some communicational techniques as they are on the frontline of a cruise line hospitality service; bartenders are educated about food and beverages; and reception staff chooses training in interpersonal skills and minor emergency management.

Cruise Ship Courses can be found either in maritime training centers or in dedicated cruise line academies. There are trainings for the starters and up-grading courses for the professionals; so everyone may find the way into the cruise line industry or the key to success in his chosen career.