Present development of the offshore industry is closely connected with professional divers’ services which are widely used on offshore rigs as well as on vessels performing construction, research and many other works. Therefore, Commercial Diving Courses are in demand and present wide choice starting from simple Diving Course (Level I) dedicated to developing diving skills, acquisition of some planning and safety techniques and practical training.

Several levels upwards there is a Rescuer Diver Course. The program includes techniques of emergency management and panic response. Students also learn in-water rescue breathing protocols and possible dive accident scenarios.

Then, go more specialized diving courses such as Diver-Welder and Cutter training. It covers safety of hot works, personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment handling; theory and practical exercises of underwater welding and cutting with different materials; pre-job planning.

There are also more advanced courses such as Diving Supervisor courses, which are certified by IMCA and other reputable standardization societies e.g., DCBC, ADAS, NDC; they run special training schemes for offshore air and bell diving supervisors. Special logbook is required for the procedures. The Diver Medic Technician is required in every offshore diving team, so the course is vitally important either.

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ADAS Diver Medical Technician (DMT)

The ADAS Diver Medical Technician (DMT) training is developed to ensure availability of qualified medical technicians in every occupational dive team. There are two certification modules i.e. Onshore DMT and Offshore DMT depending on the candidate’s qualification level. Objective: The learning outcomes of the ADAS Diver Medical Technician (DMT) training include, but are not limited […]

ADAS Occupational SCUBA Part 1

The ADAS Occupational SCUBA Part 1 is a basic course delivering an Occupational SCUBA to 30 m qualification in accordance with ADAS (Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme). This is the first level of certification as commercial diver suitable for police operations, archeological and cultural projects, engineering and environmental inspections and media. Objective: After the completion of […]

ADAS Occupational SSBA Part 2

The program of the ADAS Occupational SSBA Part 2 course is focused on the use of surface-supplied breathing apparatus as the basic for offshore construction operations. The training features the multitude of tools such as underwater welding apparatus, pneumatic and hydraulic tools, salvage equipment, air and water dredging equipment, construction instruments and so on. Objective: […]

ADAS Occupational SSBA Part 3

The ADAS Occupational SSBA Part 3 course is developed for Part 2 divers expanding their qualification to 50 m dives with the use of wet bells, deck decompression chambers and other advanced equipment attributed to the offshore construction industry. Objective: Upon completion of the ADAS Occupational SSBA Part 3 training delegates will achieve significant competence […]

ADAS Onshore Supervisor

The ADAS Onshore Supervisor course is designed to deliver training and certification necessary for the safe and competent supervision of various diving operations to the depths down to 50 m and with the use of either SCUBA to 30 m or surface supply breathing equipment. There are five separate qualifications in the onshore supervisor’s training […]

ADAS Trainee Offshore Air Supervisor

The purpose of the ADAS Trainee Offshore Air Supervisor course is to provide theoretical basis and practical knowledge necessary for the safe and competent supervision of on-site offshore dives. The training program puts the premium on early hazards identification and risk control, diving emergency management as well as practical supervision of dives and communication with […]

ADC Inshore Air Supervisor

Air/Mixed Gas Commercial Diver

The purpose of the Air/Mixed Gas Commercial Diver training is to provide comprehensive commercial diving skills and certification allowing participants to work worldwide. The program usually includes three sessions: classroom, training tank and practical open water. Objective: There are following learning outcomes of the Air/Mixed Gas Commercial Diver training: • Acquisition of basic knowledge of […]

Basic Re-training Course (Rescuer Diver) of the Mandatory Minimum Requirements for the 3 rd Class Diving Course in III Work Group