Offshore vessel equipment is constantly upgraded. One of the manufactories that are always striving to stay on the forefront of technological advance is Kongsberg Maritime. They also help their users to keep up with sophisticated products by launching a series of training in their dedicated training centers.  Automation Courses which deal with K-Chief systems prove to be of great importance and are in constant demand among the offshore mariners.

The K-Chief 600 Basic Course’s objectives are to teach participants to operate the system and navigate in its hardware design. During the training the Alarm, Control & Monitoring processes are explained, configuration, some troubleshooting and maintenance techniques.

The K-Chief 600 Maintenance Superuser Course is targeted at technical personnel such as electricians and contains more technical details, fault finding and maintenance instructions.

The next level is K-Chief 700 for Bridge Personnel Course. It familiarizes navigators with operation and alarm handling of the system as well as gives an overview of propulsion, ballast, power management and safety operations which can be done with the help of K-Chief 700.

There is a long list of other K-Chief Courses with more particular specialization (LNG, RBus, SpBus); so every professional can find a suitable training.

K-Chief 600 Basic Course

K-Chief 600 Maintenance Course

K-Chief 600 Superuser Course

K-Chief 700 for Bridge Personnel

K-Chief 700 for Bridge Personnel,

K-Chief 700 Intensive Maintenance RBus

K-Chief 700 Step 1 – LNG, System Introduction

K-Chief 700 Step 1 – System Introduction

K-Chief 700 Step 2 – Maintenance Rbus